Stephanie Edlund, CPBC, has spent much of her life learning about animal welfare, behavior, training and enrichment. After getting her zookeeping degree she studied biology at the University of Stockholm. The last four years she has been working as a zookeeper and made a few stand ins as a teacher while learning all she can about force free animal training and animal welfare. Today she runs her own business in Sweden where she offers presentations and workshops for bird clubs, veterinarians, pet shops and zoos. She also offers consultations and private training lessons, predominantly with parrots but sometimes with other animals as well. Her Swedish website provides articles and online classes on enrichment, force free animal training and other useful topics for pet owners. She is the head trainer for Korpdalen, an educational zoo facility in Björkvik, Sweden, where she works with freeflighted parrots as well as other birds. Stephanie is a Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant (CPBC) with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

It is our great good fortune that Stephanie Edlund, CPBC, joins me here at Parrot Enrichment. I've always felt that training, understanding parrot behavior and body language, and arranging the physical environment (how we build and enhance the habitats our parots live in) are major factors in providing enrichment for our birds. Parrot Enrichment should be about so much more than toys or perches and playstands. These topics aren't my strong suit. Until now, I have only been able to touch on them. With Stephanie's talents, extensive knowledge of, and hands on experience with force free animal training and parrot behavior she will be able to teach us so much more that we can be doing to provide our parrots a fully enriched life in our homes.

​​​​​Kris Porter is the author of The Parrot Enrichment Activity Books and owner of this website. Her books are full of photographs, suggestions and ideas to enrich the lives of parrots and promote activity rather than stillness. Both books are available as free PDF downloads.  Just click on the buttons above to download your own free copy. 

Kris is particularly well known for her books, articles, talks, workshops and demonstrations on providing parrots with innovative enrichment, foraging opportunities, and toys that sustain activity.  She is a graduate of the online class in behavior analysis, Living and Learning with Parrots.  Kris is an enrichment specialist on the panel of experts for the World Parrot Trust.  Her articles, photographs and enrichment ideas have appeared in Good Bird Magazine, Parrots Magazine and Australian BirdKeeper Magazine.

Meet Kris Porter

With Kris Porter and Stephanie Edlund

Meet Stephanie Edlund

This Parrot Enrichment Activity Book

is available as a free PDF download. 

This Parrot Enrichment Activity Book

is available as a free PDF download. 

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​​Parrot Enrichment is dedicated to enriching the environment of companion parrots by sharing ideas for foraging opportunities, creative toys and activities for inside and outside the cage.


Hopefully, whether you are a new parrot owner or you have been living with parrots for several years, you will find information here that will enlighten and inspire you as well as help you with your own parrot enrichment goals.