Parrot Enrichment

Susan Friedman's cockatoo, Blizzy, exercises on a climbing net hung from the ceiling.

Photo Credit: Susan Friedman

The AviHang

The AviHang is a Birdie Buddy hanging perch designed with a unique range of motion that encourages exercise. I love this perch. It bounces and sways when my parrots move from branch to branch which approximates what they might experience if they were able to fly from branch to branch in trees outside. AviHangs are available for sale online at

The Atom

Mother Pluckin' Bird Toys Atom is much more than another hanging perch. It is a parrot gym designed for exercise. They are unlike any other hanging perch you can buy. There is something about the Atom that especially appeals to parrots and gets them climbing and moving and flapping and spinning as my own Zorba will show you in the video below.  Update: Mother Pluckin' Bird Toys closed their online store.  You can find similar rope atoms at Oliver's Garden. Theirs are called Oddballs.

Parrot Exercise Toys

Bird toys in this category are toys that encourage movement. Swings and bungees are examples of bird toys that encourage movement and provide birds an opportunity to exercise.  Play stations and play areas can be designed and set up in a way that encourages exercise. You can encourage climbing exercise with ladders and knotted ropes.