Photo Credit: David Hull

Simple Bead & Rope Foot Toy

David Hull made this super basic foot toy out of little breakable wooden colored beads on hemp rope. Iggy likes to chew the hemp and break the beads. David sneaks a sunflower seed in the rope behind the bead sometimes for added interest.

Photo Credits: Toni Ardito Fortin

TP Tube Treat Balls Improved

In the video instruction (above) I cut the TP rolls into 6 strips to make the treat balls. Toni Ardito Fortin made her treat balls by cutting the rolls into 4 strips.  I tried that and I think it is easier and faster to make them Toni's way.

TP Tube Treat Balls

Don't have any vine balls on hand? You can make a great shreddable foraging foot toy out of a toilet paper roll. Watch the video for instructions and to see the foot toy in action.

Vine Balls

Parrots love to chew these natural vine balls. They come in a variety of sizes so they are easy to use individually as foot toys. Stuff them with an almond or other treat and you have a foraging foot toy.


For a manipulative foot toy, put a few Lego bricks together. For larger parrots, you might use Duplo bricks which are twice the length, height & width of traditional Lego bricks. 

Chinese Finger Traps

Stuff a Chinese finger trap with nuts, pellets, crinkle paper or millet to make a foraging foot toy. Your parrot will enjoy shredding the finger trap.

Bottle Caps

Save bottle caps. Use them as fillers in toy pails or bowls. You can also put a pellet or nut in the cap, wrap it with paper & small piece of masking tape, and you have a foraging foot toy.

Elvis demonstrates how to play with the TUTT toy.

Tiny TUTT 


TUTT is a favorite foot toy at our house. Perfect for hiding in other foraging toys.

TUTT is available in two sizes.

T.U.T.T Foot Toy

The T.U.T.T. (short for The Ultimate Tongue Toy) is a signature toy of . It is a piece of violet colored PVC pipe crimped on each end with a bead inside. Margo Rose's husband invented this toy in an attempt to keep their cockatoo, Zeke, occupied. He wanted a toy that would hold Zeke's interest and not be destroyed too easily. He succeeded. Trying to remove the sliding bead inside the PVC housing is guaranteed to hold the interest of almost any parrot.

Byrd with a drilled Mahogany Pod toy part. I hadn't thought of using this as a foot toy until Byrd picked it up and started chewing on it.

Parrot Foot Toys

Parrot foot toys, sometimes called talon toys, are exactly as the name describes; a toy your parrot can hold in his foot. Because of their smaller size, they are easier toys to introduce to toy shy parrots and can be a great way to teach a parrot how to play with toys.

Foot toys can be used alone or added to other foraging toys, toy buckets or bowls in the cage. And they are very easy to make. You can make a foot toy from practically anything. Some of the best foot toys I have made were from leftover parts of old toys.

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