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Teaching Parrots To Forage

Providing parrots with enrichment opportunities that sustain activity can be an ongoing challenge and parrot owners often need help getting started. Creating foraging opportunities for your birds doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. I share some of my ideas on how to create foraging opportunities and how to teach a reluctant parrot to forage in this podcast that I did for World Parrot Trust.  Click on the image to your left to listen.

In the first two articles in this series I covered the "how" of teaching your parrot to forage. now I would like to explain the "why" of foraging. I think if we better understand why parrots need to forage, it becomes easier for us to recognize, create and incorporate foraging opportunities into the captive parrot environment. 

Creative Foraging Opportunities

Part III

Increasing Complexity

In this article, Part II, I share ideas on how to move to the next level of foraging. Assuming you have threaded some of your parrot's favorite treats on a SS skewer or length rope, hung it in the cage and your bird has taken food off it; you are ready to progress from the simple food toy to a slightly more challenging one.

Creative Foraging Opportunities

Part II

The Next Level

This is the first in a 3-part article on teaching parrots to forage that I wrote for Parrots magazine. Part I will give you some basic ideas on how to get started providing foraging opportunities for your parrots.

Creative Foraging Opportunities

Part I

Getting Started


Foraging is an essential form of enrichment.  The more I incorporate food into the toys I make for my parrots, the more I see and understand how important foraging is for them. I can put toys in the cage with all sorts of materials they like and I get some interest and activity. I have observed that their level of interest in a toy increases if I put food on it or in it. I find I can also get them to keep active much longer with a toy that has food incorporated into it.

I'm often asked by many parrot owners, "how do I get my parrot to forage"?  Over the years I have taught many parrots to forage. I wrote a series of articles for Parrots magazine on how to teach your parrot to forage; create foraging opportunities for your birds and fit those ideas into every day living.

Parrot Enrichment