Parrot Enrichment

Music Box Toy

Laura Ford attached a Sesame Street music box toy to the side of Ariel's cage. Ariel is a Panama amazon. She loves to push the buttons on the music box to play her favorite tunes over and over again.

The Babble Ball

I purchased a Pet Qwerks Babble Ball for my dogs. Zorba was attracted to the talking ball and started playing with it. I posted a short video on Facebook and several parrot owners commented their birds love to play with the Babble Ball. Babble Balls come in a variety of sizes and Pet Qwerks makes a small Birdie Babble Ball that hangs on a chain.

Avian Stainless Spoon Tunes is a fantastic Noisy Toy designed for clanging and banging fun.

Elvis makes charming music playing with his Avian Stainless Symphony toy.

Severe Macaw Mabel having fun with

Avian Stainless Major Mayhem another terrific Noisy Toy.

Nelson examines himself in the shiny mirror-like surface of an Avian Stainless foot toy.

Avian Stainless happy customer, Cyrus, shown here with his

Major Mayhem toy.

Avian Stainless Toys

Avian Stainless advertises "Parrot Toys with Attitude" and I can tell you they are spot on with that description of the toys they make. Their toys are designed for clanging and banging fun. Avian Stainless toys are made of premium quality stainless steel and expertly crafted with attention to every detail. These toys are reasonably priced and made to last. They are designed to appeal to a wide range of companion birds from budgies and parrotlets to the largest cockatoos and macaws. 

UPDATE:  Doris and Vic retired and Avian Stainless closed late in 2017.  But it might re-open under new ownership. 

Zorba is a parrot who likes to make noise.

In this video he makes noise by banging

a box on the counter.

Noisy Parrot Toys

Most parrots like to make noise. I have a parrot that uses the bell toy in his cage to make a statement. For example, if I am across the room and give another bird a treat, Elvis sees this and starts clanging his bell in a "hey look at me" sort of way.

Toys in this category include anything that rings, rattles, clangs or plays music.  Some examples are stainless steel toys; toys made with sections of bamboo that make noise when moved; plastic bottles filled with plastic beads; music box toys that play tunes when your bird presses a button.