If you are searching for ready made mixes containing only the best for your parrot, The Parrot's Pantry is your go to for all natural, wholesome and enriching food options for your birds. Ingredients are always human grade - no bird seed or lower quality animal grade food. No chemicals, preservatives, sodium or sweeteners of any kind are added.  No corn, soy or peanuts are in the mixes either. Organic ingredients are used in mixes when possible.

Specializing in healthy bird bread mixes, ready to feed mixes and sprouting mixes.  Check out The Parrot's Pantry for more information or to order one of the many great mixes for your parrot today.

The above ingredients combined in a mix is one that will sprout within 12 to 24 hours after soaking, depending on the temperature. You want your seeds to sprout quickly and this is a mix in which the seeds and grains will all sprout within a short period of time. The longer a seed sits in order for the sprouting process to occur, the more time bacteria has a chance to grow. If you purchase a prepared mix, observe to make sure that the seeds are all about the same size and will sprout at the same time.

French green lentils

Regular lentils

Mung beans

Wheat berries

Rye berries


Raw buckwheat

Raw sunflower seeds

Hulled barley (not pearled)

Raw sesame seeds

You can purchase a sprouting mix for your parrots or you can create your own mix by purchasing seeds and grains from your local health food store. Some suggested ingredients for creating your own sprout mix for parrots are:

Sprouts are an important part of my own parrot's diet. Sprouts are a very nutritious food as they are high in vegetable proteins, natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Sprouts are also an economical food to feed your birds.

There are a number of ways to sprout grains and seeds. If you would like to learn how to sprout successfully for your birds, my good friend, Pamela Clark,www.PamelaClarkOnline.com, will show you how in this video. Pam also explains the many health benefits of sprouting for your parrots.

Sprouting with Pamela Clark


Nutritional enrichment is an important component of parrot enrichment. I believe it is important to feed parrots a wide variety of healthy fresh foods in addition to quality pellets. I am made aware of this every day as I see the excited interest my birds show when I give them something new and appealing to eat.

Parrot Enrichment