​​​​ The Bird Safe Store

The Birdsafe Store has been an online bird store in the State of Virginia since 2001, and are owned and operated by Joe & Debbie Arbogast.  They try to offer products at the lowest prices possible to help your bird dollars stretch as far as possible. They are my go to place for Harrison's pellets.

​​​ Avian Enrichment

This site provides information that addresses the companion parrot's physical, emotional and instinctual needs. Deb White is the creator of this site and she believes, that the better we understand our birds, the better we can ensure that they will live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives as our companions.

​​​​ California Bird Nerds

California Bird Nerds has been in business since November of 2003. They specialize in bird toys and bird toy parts at low prices without compromising quality. Pretty good shipping prices too.

​​​ Foraging For Parrots

Michele Wellard offers economical ideas for creating foraging opportunities. With this blog her goal is to increase quality of life for all parrots by offering owners instructions on how to easily create  inexpensive or free foraging toys.

​​​ Birdie Buddy

A great resource for avian habitat planing, consultation and construction. Nyla Copp is a genius when it comes to creating indoor and/or outdoor habitats for parrots. She also specializes in creating play centers that can be fun for your companion parrot and beautiful in your home.

Parrot Toys and Supplies

​​​​ Busy Beaks

This site is exceptional due to the wide variety of toys and toy-making parts offered to parrot owners. Jan Graham offers exceptional services and great prices. Consistent with her desire to also educate, the site provides guidance on topics as diverse as bird safe wood to quick tips for caregivers.

​​​​ Make Your Own Bird Toys

This is my go to spot for bird toy parts. It is the most comprehensive site for bird toy parts on the web. The prices are reasonable and I trust the quality and safety of the products they sell. 

​​​​ The Leather Elves

The Leather Elves is a family owned and operated business that began creating handmade, bird safe toys for companion parrots more than a decade ago..

Parrot Enrichment Resources

Parrot Enrichment

​​​​ Super Bird Creations Toys

Super Bird Creations bird toys are recognized as some of the safest parrot toys available on the market. Since 1992 they have been focused on designing hundreds of original toys and products to address the instinctual and behavioral needs of companion parrots.