Parrot Enrichment


Parrot toys provide opportunities for our birds to participate in activities in our homes that would replicate some of the natural behaviors of a parrot in the wild; foraging, evading predators, bathing, grooming, socializing, nesting, exercise and flying. In our homes we don't want to encourage nesting behavior or replicate the need to evade predators. But we do want to encourage other natural behaviors. We can do this in the form of play with bird toys that offer parrots opportunities to engage in activities such as chewing, manipulating, foraging, preening, and destroying toys. Parrot toys provide opportunities for our birds to have something to do during the day and afford our birds the possibility to make choices, solve problems and keep active.

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Kris Porter

Photo credit: Sydney Kaderman

If you Google bird toys or parrot toys you will find an overwhelming assortment of toys to choose from and for a new parrot owner the task of finding toys or parts to make toys can be challenging. How do we go about finding the right toy? The one they will play with? I think that is where making your own toys has its advantages. If you can determine what your parrot likes you can customize a toy that appeals to him and one that he is more likely to interact with.

I've divided this section of the website into a few categories of toys that have worked for me over the years. It is at these pages I plan to share some ideas for homemade bird toys as well as sources for ready made parrot toys that I've found essential to my own parrot toy enrichment program. Many toys will fall into more than one category. A destructible toy may also serve as a foraging toy, but if it is primarily a chewing or shredding toy I will list it on the Destructible Toy page.